Custom Gowns Order

Appointment with Designer Josselyn Guevara 

If you want your dream gown to come true book an appointment today with the Designer to create your beautiful evening gown for  you special occasion, Wedding, birthday, red carpet or any other formal event.
  • Free
  • Custom order by appointment  only 
  • 15- 30 minutes meeting with designer
  • Make an inquiry we will get to you within 24 hours
  • Please, note : Custom gowns orders take 4-8 weeks. To be in a safe side, we recommend you book your appointment 9-10 weeks in advance before the day of your event. 
  • Provide some information about the style of gown and occasion you are looking for
  • To get a quote, please Email us here or contact us here to book your appointment or send a request via our contact form in our home page