About Us

The Brand

Josselyn Guevara is a Haute Couture evening-wear brand founded by Josselyn Guevara in 2020. Inspired by romanticism, color, and fashion. Josselyn Guevara features simplicity with a luxury touch. Josselyn Guevara designs are elegant, romantic, and creative. Every garment piece is thoughtfully designed and handcrafted using innovative and tailoring techniques with beautiful classic shapes, and sophistication, so it can be treasured for years to come. Every gown piece is made-to-order and the whole purpose is to have less waste and strive to have a minimum of excess stock. Custom made gowns created specially for a client are unique and one-of-a-kind pieces and not replicated from collections. Josselyn Guevara offers made-to-measure the opportunity to customize the size to fit to perfection. Being a young Couture brand, she offers a fresh, new take on evening-wear.

We want to provide women with classic, modern, and very feminine aesthetics that will outlast any trend. All collections are made of beautiful and delicates fabrics with fitted silhouettes. In order to make a huge statement we opted to use  pink as the signature color which represents romance, feminine, and tenderness. We are the brand that brings stunning designs and modern fashion together with timeless elegance.

The  Designer 

Born and raised in Honduras, Josselyn  Guevara's love for fashion began at an early age. Growing up she was taught to sew by her grandmother and she developed a love and passion for fashion and design. While she was still young  she used to sew dresses for her dolls and design and make her owns creations which lead her to pursue a career in fashion. She graduated from the Miami International University of Art & Design in 2019 with a degree in Fashion Design and launched her namesake brand and made-to-order collection of  women's evening wear in 2020. She set up a home studio- Atelier where all the magic happens, there all the garments are designed and constructed. She aspires to make a name for herself in the industry of fashion bringing her creativity, unique style and detailed craftsmanship to make all women still feel beautiful, but be romantic and classy when wearing her sophisticated and elegant designs. She wants to make her dreams a reality and share her true passion with the world.

''My designs are luxury statements pieces for confident and powerful women that aren't afraid to express themselves  "